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Index Future

In Index Future package we provide recommendations on Nifty only for day trading and carry forward.


  1. Pre-Market NIFTY support and resistance levels
  2. Limited 1 or 2 Nifty Future Calls Daily.
  3. All calls are provided with single Target
  4. Maximum 1 position can open at same time.
  5. We assure above 94% accuracy on consistent basis.
  6. Each call is given for 25-35 points gain.
  7. Each call provided with Entry, SL, Target Levels.
  8. Minimum 250 Points per lot can be earned monthly.
  9. Regular market updates and follow ups
  10. 86% to 89% accuracy on monthly basis
  11. Minimum fund required Rs. 50,000
  12. Complete Telephonic, Yahoo and SMS support during and after market hours